Bitcoin Cash Fork Plan

How we are handling the Bitcoin Cash hard fork Posted by Zodiac on November 6, 2020


Shortly before the fork, we will be freezing all BCH deposits and withdrawals to take a snapshot of all BCH balances. At this time we will also update our nodes and make sure all is well with the new fork.

Bitvest will support whichever coin has the most support at the time of the fork. As of now, Bitcoin Cash Node (BCHN) appears to be leading over Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHA). This means Bitvest is likely to support BCHN.

Any deposits of the "losing" coin after the fork will not be credited or supported in any way; we will not recover any intentionally or accidentally deposited coins in said fork.

For the "losing" coin, we make no guarantees.


If it is possible to safely transact our BCHA, we will do the following:


If you do not wish to claim your Bitcoin Cash ABC, or wish to remain invested with us, you are not required to do anything with your funds on Bitvest.

If you are comfortable handling your coins, dealing with the split, and would like to guarantee you receive coins from both sides of the fork, please temporarily withdraw your BCH at least 24 hours before the fork.


Nov 15, 10:35 AM GMT:

We have moved our BCH off our Trezors into a wallet where we have easy access to the private keys. This is a temporary move to ensure we can split the coins properly and allow an "airdrop" from the sale of BCHA to our BCH holders.

Nov 15, 4:54 PM GMT:

We have created the transactions necessary to split our BCHN and BCHA. Once both transactions have confirmed, we will have securely split our coins and will sell the BCHA shortly after.

Nov 15, 5:42 PM GMT:

We have sent ~170 BCHA to an exchange. If the confirmation doesn't take too long, we will sell it for BCH and immediately withdraw it to credit all BCH users on Bitvest. We are hoping for 0.03 to 0.06 BCH per BCHA.

Nov 15, 7:20 PM GMT:

We have finished selling our BCHA. In total, we raised 7.78 BCHN for users with a total balance of 170.82 BCH. Once we can withdraw from the exchange, we will be crediting all users with a BCH balance or investment at the time of the split ~0.045 BCHN per BCH.

Nov 16, 7:50 PM GMT:

We have paid out all holders of BCH entitled to >0.01 BCH worth of BCHA at the time of the snapshot. The rate of payment was 0.0455 BCH per BCHA.