Bitcoin Gold Fork Plan

How we are handling the Bitcoin Gold hard fork Posted by Zodiac on October 21, 2017

Note: We are no longer processing Bitcoin Gold withdrawals.


We will support withdrawing Bitcoin Gold if our Trezor wallets support it, and no coins are lost due to issues with Bitcoin Gold's replay protection. If Trezor does not implement support, and strong two-way replay protection is implemented (like in Bitcoin Cash) we might support withdrawals at the time of the SegWit2x fork (Mid-November), so we can handle both at once. If proper two-way replay protection is not implemented, we will may not support withdrawal of Bitcoin Gold. For Bitcoin Gold, we make no guarantees.

Deposits and service will continue uninterrupted during this period. Any deposits of Bitcoin Gold will not be credited or supported in any way; we will not recover any intentionally or accidentally deposited Bitcoin Gold.


If you do not with to claim your Bitcoin Gold, or wish to remain invested with us, you are not required to do anything with your funds on Bitvest.

If you are comfortable handling your coins, dealing with the split, and would like to guarintuee you receive your Bitcoin Gold, please temporarily withdraw your Bitcoins around the time of the fork.


October 24, 2017:

Bitcoin Gold has snapshottted the BTC chain on block 491,407. Bitcoin Gold at this time has not implemented replay protection which they claim on their homepage was already implemented. If mining begins before they have implemented replay protection, we will not be able to pay out BTG at a 1:1 ratio with BTC. (This issue has been resolved)

November 3, 2017:

Bitcoin Gold has Implemented strong two-way replay protection similar to that in Bitcoin Cash. With this in place, it is expected Trezor will add support for Bitcoin Gold and we will be able to easily handle withdrawals of BTG. If the price of BTG is under 0.025 BTC, we will distribute it as an airdrop to all those who had a BTC invested at the time of the snapshot.

November 14, 2017:

Bitcoin Gold is live as of the time of this update. Users with a balance or investments totaling over 0.1 BTC at the time of the snapshot will receive their BTG. Payments will begin shortly after Trezor support for BTG goes live. Please /PM Zodiac on Bitvest your BTG addresses to receive your funds.

November 20, 2017:

Trezor support for Bitcoin Gold is now ready. We have started processing Bitcoin Gold withdrawals. Please PM Zodiac your BTG address before December 15th if you would like to receive your Bitcoin Gold. If you would like to receive Bitcoin instead, you may wait until December 15th when we will sell and distribute our remaining BTG.