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What would you do for Bitcoin? Posted by Lorilikes on March 28, 2017

Generous users

One of our favorite Bitvest high rollers who goes by the username ssongssu recently surprised his friends in chat when he was having a very hot winning streak. ssongssu gave RainBot the largest tip in Bitvest history, the equivalent of more than 40 million Satoshis or 0.40 BTC. Needless to say, that enormous gesture of generosity ignited a chat party that was bursting with old and new faces for several days, and it was talked about in forums, and twitter feeds across the globe. ssongssu went even further just a couple weeks later by tipping fellow players over 0.70 BTC in one night. The biggest prizes were tipped to 77kdub and Vhdlrband who both competed in an impromptu Plinko tournament. Thank you ssongssu for making history for the chat room participants! Your generous gifts are incredible.

The RainBot

Bitvest enjoys the banter between chat room users, and it always adds to the excitement when one of our own players or investors tips the famous and ever popular RainBot. The Bitvest’s RainBot is a piece of artificial intelligence with one job and one job only, and that is to send bonus rain, or money, randomly to users who chat constructively in the Bitvest chat rooms. The RainBot is filled with gifts that equate to bitcoin.

The RainBot operates on a proprietary algorithm, that exact formula is kept secret, and is only known by the software creator. The criteria or checklist of behaviors that attract the rain feature is akin to the Bitvest secret sauce recipe, and for the sake of fair and honest distribution of the bonus rain, Bitvest will only say that the RainBot winners are randomly selected from the chat users who are chatting constructively at any given time. Word to the wise: Talking to the RainBot or any form of begging for rain is frowned upon, so just chat as usual with your peers and rain will come naturally.

The generosity that fuels the RainBot is from both the owners and creators of Bitvest, along with Bitvest users who decide to tip the RainBot which is essentially tipping all the users at once. I think the words “Thank you” are simple enough; we should all utter them, occasionally.

Giving Back

To align with the theme of generosity at Bitvest, the newest trend being set by the creators of the site will make you think twice about how much we really have compared to less fortunate people. There is probably someone fighting pangs of hunger, who may just be around the corner from you; right now.

Recent buzz across the internet has turned their attention towards Bitvest, and the theme that has caused a commotion is generosity and even a touch of philanthropy. This sent a significant surge of positive gossip across the social media. Furthermore, an article about Bitvest was released in February that helped to shine a well-deserved positive light on the notoriously naughty Bitcoin and its users. If you have not yet had the chance to read that article, follow the link at the bottom of this page to read it.

The Bitvest site administrators who are known as Lightlord, Zodiac and Promo are known to interrupt the busy chat rooms with announcements of unique games and challenges with bitcoin prizes to tempt the already avid users. Their messages appear in bold, red font characters that stuns the room and commands your attention. The red messages are often seen as cryptic riddles, with a hint of mischief behind every post, and the challenges are usually embossed with a touch of philanthropy. Yes, you read that correctly. You may be thinking “Philanthropy, really? Mother Theresa was a philanthropist, so what can a group of gamblers contribute that compares to Mother Theresa?”

Exciting Events

Bitvest is a daring trendsetter, and one of the more recent challenges provides ample evidence to support this claim. The challenge that most recently embodied the spirit of generosity while remaining cool and trendy was posted for all Bitvest players to see. It looked like this:

Promo: Social experiment: Order a large pizza, with 5 cokes, then give 1 coke & a slice to 5 different homeless people. The first person to do this wins 5 million tokens!

Of course, with a prize of 5,000,000 tokens, there was an elevated energy amongst the players in the chat room. 5 million tokens is a tantalizing, small fortune. Remember each token is equivalent to 1 satoshi, so the prize offered was substantial, around 0.05 BTC and the only requirement was to feed the hungry mouths of your local area while proclaiming your love for Bitvest. Of course, people scrambled about ordering pizza and attempted to be the first one to claim those shining tokens, and while a few attempts fell flat, the 1st prize was ultimately awarded to a Bitvest icon, Badger.

In the News

Of course, Bitcoin has plenty of headlines in the news, but those stories are often filled with shady characters and activities that may be unsavory. At Bitvest we should be proud to be a part of the growing notion that Bitcoin can do some good. Bitvest is ahead of the curve, and with a stubborn brush against the grain of the Bitcoin tabu reputation, we prove that not all Bitcoin use is for the bad guys. Sometimes bitcoin is used to feed the hungry, too. What would you do for bitcoin? Think about that on your way to your next snack.

See the previously released story about Bitvest Hunger Games.


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