Chain Split Contingency Plan

How we will handle the possibility of a chain split Posted by Zodiac on July 15, 2017


We will halt transactions on July 31st, and continue to allow betting with “BTC.” If there is still an unresolved chain split when we resume transacting, we will split user balances into BTC/UASF and BTC/Core to allow withdrawing from the minority chain. If the split is resolved, or does not occur, we will continue as per usual.

Due to the nature of this event, we cannot know in advance how long we will need to halt transactions. While we expect to only need at most two to three days, we will err on the side of caution with when we resume transacting. If you require access to your coins any time in the first few days of August, please withdraw your funds before July 31st.

Once transactions have resumed, we will only fully support one coin for betting, investing, and transacting. All other coins will be withdraw-only, we will not automatically process deposits for other coins made after any split. If there are multiple surviving forks, and none have a clear economic majority, we will look into supporting more than one.


We recommend looking into how chain splits work, has made some recommendations on how to handle them. If you are comfortable handling your coins, dealing with the split, and would like to manage it on your own, doing so is a reasonable option. If you prefer to remain invested during our transaction downtime and have our team of experts handle it, you may leave your coins with us.

In short, you are not required to do anything with your funds on Bitvest. Any coins in your personal wallets are also safe.


At this time, there is too much uncertainty to commit to a chain we will pick if the split occurs. We will update this article when any future developments occur. The timeline posted by Bitcoin Magazine is a useful reference of when things are scheduled to happen.


July 19, 2017:

Signaling for BIP91 (NYA) has started ahead of schedule and is going strong. Over the past 144 blocks (24 hours) support is over 70% and rising quickly, less than 10% shy of the 80% required. It seems near-certain BIP91 will activate within the next six days. If BIP91 activates within this time, it will lead to SegWit's lock-in on block 477,792 (July 27-29), and activation on block 479,808 (August 10-12) and no UASF chain split will occur.

July 20, 2017:

BIP91 signaling continues to increase, BitFury has re-enabled their signaling, Canoe Pool and a few other minor pools have also started signaling. Signaling this period is now a hair under 79%, only 1.2% below the threshold. If at least 113 of the next 138 blocks signal BIP91, it will be locked in, then enabled three days later.

July 20, 2017:

Signaling is now above the 80% threshold. With the current level of miner support, and previous block signaling this round, it seems virtually certain BIP91 will lock in within the next 12 hours. This will prevent a chain split, barring any unintentional ones caused by technical issues.

July 20, 2017:

BIP91 has now locked in. This means BIP91 will activate on the 23rd; the end of the next period. At that point, all blocks will be required to signal for SegWit support, or miners will ignore them. This also means a UASF fork should not be needed for SegWit!

July 25, 2017:

A new fork has been proposed, a UAHF (User Activated Hard Fork) named Bitcoin Cash. This fork has two-way replay protection so we will be able to easily support withdrawing your coins from this fork. We will require several hours of transaction downtime around midnight GMT August 1. We have no plans to support BCC beyond withdrawals at this time.

July 27, 2017:

Deposits and withdrawals will be disabled 24 hours before midnight GMT August 1. We will re-enable them once we have safely split our coins for the Bitcoin Cash fork, and when other various chain forks have been resolved. If you require access to your balance during the first few days of August, please withdraw them before the 30th.

August 2, 2017:

Transactions have been re-enabled and all site functions have returned to normal. All BTC funds on site prior to the fork have been split into BTC and BCC/BCH, this can be seen on your funds tab.

Bitcoin Cash/Bcash withdrawals are temporarily on hold pending Trezor wallet support. See their blog for the latest updates. If you would like to withdraw your BCC/BCH, please /pm Zodiac a withdrawal address.

August 4, 2017:

We are now processing Bitcoin Cash / BCash withdrawals.

October 14, 2017:

We are no longer processing Bitcoin Cash / BCash withdrawals.