Month in Review #1

Taking a look back at April Posted by Lorilikes on May 1, 2017

Bitvest Adapts to Your Needs

As any frequent Bitvest user knows, site improvements are always on the horizon. Bitvest is maintained frequently and users are encouraged to share their likes and dislikes about the site's usage and functionality with the admins. Users will often see their suggestions implemented and their concerns will always be thoughtfully considered. It's refreshing to know that the site’s operators are working tirelessly most days, making the user experience as convenient and enjoyable as possible.

Zodiac and Lightlord are a phenomenal duo, and together along with some great thinkers they have built a marvelous site that entertains and engages people from across the globe. The clever design is truly remarkable. The improvements to the site continue to amaze the site users, and the upgrade process is usually seamless and unnoticeable, which means little to no disruption of play. You might blink an eye and a new, ingenious feature will appear to make the site even better. Some may call this a flawless operation.

What's New?

The recent improvements have been rolling out rapidly, so let's recap on the cool new site features!

The New Site Features Will Rock Your World! Enjoy!

What's That Smell?

The month of April brought many of us to tears, that is tears of laughter. It is hard to keep a straight face when you are watching the leader board and the players appear on the board have provocative and naughty names.

For example, this month a prominent player seen almost daily has proudly and boldly named himself… "BONERPOOP". Well, if you were trying to get a snicker out of a few people with that name, I declare, you have succeeded, BONERPOOP, because you made your way into the top 5, and had many people laughing with a name so pointedly offensive. Pun intended! I am tempted to shake your hand, but then, I am afraid to.

Bitvest will be updating the blog monthly, be sure to keep your eyes on the Bitvest blog page to score your bonus token code! Thank you for reading, and thank you for playing and investing at Bitvest!


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