Month in Review #2

Taking a look back at May and June Posted by Lorilikes on July 10, 2017

Sizzling Hot Updates

May and June have been sizzling both outside under the warm sun, and in the cyber world at Bitvest. We are enjoying a few cool new updates, have you noticed? In our ever popular Bitcointalk thread, Zodiac made several big announcements.

Zodiac and Lightlord are a phenomenal duo, and together along with some great thinkers they have built a marvelous site that entertains and engages people from across the globe. The clever design is truly remarkable. The improvements to the site continue to amaze the site users, and the upgrade process is usually seamless and unnoticeable, which means little to no disruption of play. You might blink an eye and a new, ingenious feature will appear to make the site even better. Some may call this a flawless operation.

Investment Locking

As noted in Zodiac’s announcement, investors will see an option to lock up their investments for up to 90 days. This is a great benefit to your security in the event of your account getting compromised. If someone does manage to log in to your account without permission, your locked up investment cannot be divested or stolen until the lock has expired. Another way this clever feature helps to safeguard your funds is from yourself and any late night “bright ideas” following your glass of red wine.

Max Bet Warnings

If you are anything like me, one glass of Merlot makes the Plinko board seem completely beatable, and as tempted as I get, I really should not click that max bet button while drinking wine, and neither should you. To complement this idea, max bets now will come with a pop-up warning, just in case you don't really mean it when you click max. The pop-up can be manually disabled for you heavy handed high rollers who really like to push the limits.

Message Sorting

Another update worthy of a mention is the private messaging feature change. Now your private messages can be optionally shown (as previously) in all tabs within our chat rooms or you can choose to see them only in your inbox tab. This will really help declutter the page visually but if your scatterbrained at all, don’t leave your friends hanging, and remember to check the inbox every day (Right Christy? Wink wink).

Altcoin Support

Due to the ever-growing altcoin economy, Bitvest has made one of their largest announcements ever, regarding altcoin support! Zodiac stated:

Altcoin support is coming mid-summer. The first coin supported will be Litecoin, followed by Ethereum at a later date. If there is an altcoin you’d like added, be sure to let us know.

Badges and Icons

As mentioned above, you can let the Bitvest team know if you have a suggestion or great idea. It can be a challenge to keep track of all the usernames and ranks, so in an effort to be identified more easily you will see a more distinct Red Badge indicating when an Administrator/Owner of the site is online.

Here is a little hint for those who get star-struck at the glimpse of a bright-red-chat-message: Don't fall silent when you spot the Admins! Saying thanks is a simple gesture that they probably appreciate more than we know.

When Zodiac, Lightlord or their fantastic and mysterious Admin account called Promo makes an appearance in the VIP chatroom, remember to say hello. These guys are HUMAN, despite the rumors, and despite their mastery of what could be interpreted as superhuman intelligence. Or perhaps I am programmed to convince you of this.


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