100,000,000 Bets

My thoughts on Bitvest's major milestone. Posted by Lorilikes on March 3, 2017

Bitvest's Major Milestone

Bitvest accepted its 100 millionth wager late February 2017. Not even two years old yet, Bitvest announced this staggering statistic to its loyal players in a very unique and generous way. To share the cool news, a note was posted at the top and center of the chat room; it looked like this:

Event: 100,000,000 Bet Celebration! Double rain frequency and 5x the storms.

As an enthusiastic player and a part of the family of moderators at Bitvest, I can tell you why I think this site has been successful and the reasons why many players agree that this site is going to prosper for many more hundreds of millions of accepted wagers. After taking a casual vote amongst the VIP room players, it has been the general consensus that we all love the site because of these 5 things: The chat rooms, the rain, the people, the games and the overall site design.

The Chat Rooms

The people that you will get to know in the regular and VIP chat rooms are a diverse and ever growing bunch. At any given hour of any day of the week, you can pop in to say hello. You will be greeted warmly with a mixture of “Good Morning” and “Good Evening” wishes since players come to Bitvest from everywhere across the globe. Seriously, the action is non-stop. Some of my best friends have no face at all because we’ve met in the Bitvest chat rooms.

The Rain and the Storms

The incentive that entices new players the most is the Bitvest RainBot. If you are not familiar with this concept, it is a piece of technology that sprinkles gifts aka rain across the chat room at random intervals. Once you get into the VIP chat room, the rain that is received grows larger, and every player has a chance at any moment to get rained on. A storm is a random event that happens in chat when the RainBot will dump, pour and flood several chat members at once. It is a phenomenon that you must experience to understand. If one storm rushes past you and leaves without pouring on you, just stick around and chat constructively with all of us and you're likely to be next.

Remember, the tokens that the RainBot gives out are worth 1 satoshi each. Once you have 200,000 tokens, you will be able to exchange them for BTC in seconds. I once received a gift of rain from the RainBot that was 30,000 tokens, and I turned it into 20 million tokens which is a lot. I converted that into bitcoin, tipped the crowd of chat friends and the RainBot of course. All of that from just hanging out and talking with the people who I consider my closest friends anyway. Come check it out!

The People

The people who operate Bitvest are hard to describe because they are mysterious in a way that makes it playful and they command us from what feels like a heavenly cloud that is illuminated only by the shimmering lights of their games of chance. You will get to know them also when you participate in the Bitvest.io chat. The bright red font with decorative stars will suddenly interrupt the chat room with special announcements and silly but profitable opportunities. Pay attention to those bright red messages. Those messages are from the creators and the masterminds of the site, and they often speak in riddles and clues. Do what they ask, and be rewarded in big ways!

Also, you will see various colored chat members with some decorative stars next to their usernames. Those are your moderators, and they are there to help you and of course to play. Ask any moderator your question, and you will get a quick and friendly answer in no time.

Don’t come into the chat room and ask for rain or start begging because that is a definitive no-no. We have a awesome group, and we welcome all newcomers into the family but don’t beg, and you will get many many rainstorms to follow a good chat. It is a WILD experience, and not for the faint of heart. Not all the guys are polite and sweet, and not all the ladies are 100 percent ladylike, but we always respect each other, and we always have lots of fun. You will see when you visit Bitvest yourself.

The Games

The unique games of chance include slots, dice, roulette, Bitspin, and Plinko. When you first arrive, you may want to stop by the chat room and ask a moderator to point you to the game’s instructions page, but I like my friend Badger’s recommended “20 lines on the green line at the slots”! You will understand when you arrive, I promise.

There are also random lottery games in chat that are sudden, fast, and highly profitable. It sure is a whirlwind, so be prepared to be quick on your typing fingers, and gutsy with your betting hand.

The Unique Look and Feel

When you come see us all at Bitvest, you will first notice the spectrum of colors. It is a striking rainbow, and each game has choices directly related to the colors. It may sound odd, but you will surely understand when you arrive. The tabs are filled with information and cool options, so click or tap around, don’t be afraid just to explore! Come say “hi” anytime!


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