SegWit2x Fork Plan

How we are handling the SegWit2x hard fork Posted by Zodiac on October 15, 2017

Notice: The SegWit2x fork has been suspended, more details.


In the middle of November (Block: 494,784), a contentious hard fork of Bitcoin will occur in accordance with an agreement by a group of services and miners. This fork is unsupported by the majority of the community and services, including Bitvest.

If you store any coins on services supporting the fork, your Bitcoins may be lost. It is strongly advised you store your bitcoins in your own wallet, not on any exchanges or services at this time, especially any supporting SegWit2x.


While Bitvest will not support SegWit2x, we will make it as simple as we can for our users to take advantage of the fork to obtain coins on both chains.

We will halt BTC withdrawals around six hours before the fork to allow us to properly split the coins; we will continue to allow betting with “BTC.” We expect to need a minimum of several hours, up to possibly a few days to obtain new/tainted coins on one of the chains to allow us to split the coins on each chain. Due to this uncertainty, please withdraw any funds you need immediate access to at least 24 hours before the fork.

Deposits of BTC will continue uninterrupted during this period. Any deposits of BT2 (Symbol for SegWit2x coins post-fork) will not be credited or supported in any way; we will not recover any intentionally or accidentally deposited BT2 coins.

Once withdrawals have resumed, we will only fully support BTC, ETH, and LTC for betting, investing, and transacting. BT2 will be withdraw-only or converted to directly BTC.

If BT2's value is at least 0.05 BTC each, we will allow withdrawals of BT2. If the value of BT2 is less than 0.05 BTC each, we will sell off all our BT2 and credit users 100% of the BTC, less any fees from our sale based on their balance at the time of the fork.


If you are comfortable handling your coins, dealing with the split, and would like to manage it on your own, doing so is a reasonable option. If you prefer to remain invested during our transaction downtime and have our team of experts handle it, you may leave your coins with us.

In short, you are not required to do anything with your funds on Bitvest. Any coins in your personal wallets are also safe, but there may be difficulty properly splitting them into coins on both chains while being safe from replay attacks.


November 8, 2017:

The SegWit2x fork has been suspended, more details.